Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Day Sale Monday, Oct. 29

For the FIRST TIME EVER....Stampin' Up! is doing a BIG contest to see if they can break a record for stamps sold in ONE day!!!

That means...they are giving a CATALOG wide sale!! 15% off ALL stamps!!! (excluding bundles and hostess sets)


Background stamps
Personalized name stamps
Cookie press stamps
Single-image stamps 

This is a first!

*EMAIL me your order:
*Call me with your order: 336-337-5204
* Order online 24/7 on the 29th here:
  Click on the shop now button!
*message me on facebook with your order

Everyone who places a stamp order on Monday will get a special surprise with their order!

Think Christmas Cards, gifts, birthday gifts or a special gift all for yourself!  Call or email me with questions!


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